Only with us you can easily rent your Tesla online. Experience pure enthusiasm and driving pleasure with several hundred horsepower. You already know that from other sports cars? With an electric car, the torque is available almost immediately. Even a Porsche has difficulties getting along. Simply enter your pickup location and your planned date in our booking tool and with a little luck, your desired vehicle is available and you can book your unique Tesla experience.

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Which model is the right one for me?

In addition to the Tesla Model S and Model Y, we also provide the first Tesla middle class, the Tesla Model 3.

We offer different versions from these Tesla Models. Within the Model categories you can choose from various tariff packages.

Tesla Model 3

The long waited Tesla Model 3 surprises in the hole with simple elegance and superior range. Paired with new, high-performance hardware which astounds even prior Tesla drivers. Due to the compact design the car handling runs on railes and the new drive units accelerate the Model 3 comfortably on every surface.

Our Package Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus offers a realistic range of around 365 km, 220 hp and rear-wheel drive. 

Our Package Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor offers more range and functions, with a realistic range of 420 to 500 km, 460 hp and all-wheel drive. This model is also available with a trailer hitch on request. 

You can find out more about the Tesla Model 3 here.

Tesla Model S

The Model S offers maximum comfort for up to 5 adults, storage space and long-distance suitability. This makes it ideal for family outing as well as for business trips.

Our Package Tesla Model S includes the models 70, 75 as well as both versions with all-wheel drive the 70D and 75D. 

The Tesla Model S 70 has a battery capacity of 70 kilowatt hours (kWh), making it the “smallest” Model S. Of course, this only applies to the battery, the space is identical for all Model S variants. The “D” stands for Dual Drive, the Tesla’s twin-engine all-wheel drive. Models without the suffix “D” have a pure rear-wheel drive. The range of this category is between 300 and 395 km.

You can find out more about the Tesla Model S here.

Tesla Model Y

The Model Y is the middle class SUV from Tesla. This model is perfect for trips with the family. The intuitive operation with a single touch display and the ultra-fast supercharging let you experience the car of tomorrow!

Where can I rent a Tesla?

We have locations in Vienna, Graz and Salzburg – and soon also in Innsbruck. 

All contact addresses for renting a Tesla can be found in our location overview.

How and where can I charge a Tesla?

During your rent you can charge the vehicle completely free of charge on any Tesla Supercharger. There is a map of all superchargers worldwide:

Of course, you can also charge the car at other e-charging stations. You can find a very good overview on the E-Tankstellen Finder.

Since we have been enthusiastic Tesla drivers for years, we are happy to help you with your route planning. We almost know every charging station in Europe.

Tips for charging on the Tesla Supercharger

Charge the Tesla comfortably up to 80% of the battery. The Supercharger only takes about 40 minutes from 0% to 80%. In comparison, the remaining 20% ​​to 100% take longer and are often not necessary at all. With 80% you can easily get to the next supercharger in most cases.

Why should I rent from ecar-rent?

• Free kilometers based on fair use max. 300km / 24h for all vehicles

• All vehicles with navigation systems

• The best advice, also for route planning and charging options abroad, thanks to more than 10 years of experience in own use of Tesla vehicles.

• All cars are fully insured, even for trips across Europe

Any questions?

We are available for you at However, if everything is clear, you can easily book online at the green “BOOK HERE” box in the top left.