Rent a Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S has been the first car in the ecar-rent fleet. It was in August of 2015, when we handed over the first Model S to a customer. Since then the enthusiasm for this luxury electric-sedan is big. 

In addition to maximum security, you can expect pure electric driving comfort with your Model S rent! Get in, feel good, and slide! 

The Tesla Model S offers maximum comfort for up to 5 adults, huge storage space in the trunk (and frunk) and long-distance suitability. There are no limits to your tour with this vehicle! It is perfect for business-trips and family holidays. 

Our Model S feature the battery sizes from 70 to 75 kWh – the luxurious interior and configuration is nearly identical in all our models.

Our package Tesla Model S features the models 70 and 75 with rear-wheel drive as well as all-wheel drive. The latter has the letter “D” for Dual Drive in its name. The range varies from 320 to 360 km (200 to 225 miles) depending on the version. Thanks to the great Tesla Spercharger-Network, long distances are no problem with these cars. 

If you already know which car you want to rent, you can fill in your requested location, dates and time in our green “book here” window and you will see if the car is available at the requested date. If the required car is not available, we advise to try another date or location. Of course, you can also contact us just over the request button at the desired car. 

If you do have any further questions or if you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us on! We are happy to help!