Photos and details of the first Tesla Model 3 delivery

More than 500.000 pre-orders are available worldwide for the new Tesla Model 3.
In Fremont, California, the first 30 pieces were handed over to customers tonight.
Manuel Strohmeier and Christian Fries, founders of the start-up NEO – Natural Energy Organization, were there to examine the model 3.

Details about the Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 front
One of the first Model 3 just before delivery

Tesla Model 3 side

Fully on schedule, the first model 3 from Tesla were completed and delivered. During the first test drives there was a lot of reason to be happy and a few unknown innovations. The build quality is better than the previous Tesla models. There are now handles and a mirror with lighting in the sun visor. Much is controlled only via the central display. The doors are opened from the inside by means of a button. This is unusual at first, but works very well.


The interior feels very spacious. The rear row of seats offers the same amount of space as in the Model S, through the raised rear window, it feels even more spacious.
In the Frunk (front trunk) fits as much hand luggage, as may be taken on the plane. The individual compartments of the center console offer more space than the previous models X and S.

Tesla Model 3 trunk
The opening of the trunk is not as big as the Model S, but it can still invite larger luggage.

Tesla Model 3 trunk2

Tesla Model 3 trunk3

Tesla Model 3 trunk cape

Tesla Model 3 frunk
The model 3 “Frunk” offers enough space
Tesla Model 3 2nd row
The two rows of seats offer plenty of space. The sense of space is comparable to that of the Model S.

Tesla Model 3 frontrow


Specified range: 354km
5,6 0 seconds on 100 km / h
210 km / h max. speed

Long Range
Specified range: 498km
5,1 0 seconds on 100 km / h
225 km / h max. speed

The continuous glass roof is optional and part of the premium package.
An all-wheel drive version is planned, but is currently not produced.

Every current Tesla vehicle has the necessary hardware installed in order to be able to drive completely autonomously at some point. The autopilot in the model 3 must be specially unlocked for a surcharge.

There will be no air suspension. Download to Tesla Superchargers is possible, but not as before free. Rims are available in 18 and 19 inches.

All delivered models had the “vegan” black artificial leather. At Tesla, only more artificial leather has recently been used for the seats. This additionally reduces CO2 emissions.

To dye

  • Solid Black
  • Midnight Silver Metallic
  • Deep Blue Metallic
  • Silver Metallic
  • Pearl White Multi-Coat
  • Red Multi-Coat

Display settings

The 15 “display is centrally positioned and offers all sorts of adjustment options. Many controls have become superfluous. Even the positioning of the ventilation nozzles is controlled by the display.


The model 3 is automatically opened and started via mobile app and Bluetooth. As an emergency solution, there is an ID card.

Tesla Model 3 keycard

Tesla Model 3 keycard2

Details about the delivery event

The first deliveries followed by a party were the Tesla factory in Fremont, California. Chief designer Franz von Holzhausen and CEO Elon Musk welcomed approx. 5.000 guests. As a thank-you for the achievements in recent years and as a motivation for the upcoming difficulties in the production of the Model 3, the majority of the crowd consisted of long-term employees of Tesla. In addition, approximately 300 of the most hard-working Tesla customers from the “Referral” program (customers recruit customers) were invited, including Manuel Strohmeier and Christian Fries, who jointly rent 50 Tesla vehicles under the brand Since they were able to convince many of their customers from the purchase of a Tesla, they come again and again to enjoy the experience at Tesla events.

Tesla Model 3 erste 30
The first 30 pieces from the new Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 delivery event

Tesla Model 3 strohmeier fries
Manuel Strohmeier and Christian Fries, founders of NEO – Natural Energy Organization and took a close look at the new 3 model.

Rent Tesla Model 3

We have pre-reserved some Tesla Model 3 very early and hope to receive one of the first Model 3 in Austria. When exactly that will be, we can not yet estimate but we will open you Facebook and keep up to date on this page.

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