Tesla Model S P100D
The new Tesla P100D. From 0 to 100 km / h in 2,7 sec, 100kw / h battery, range 500 km, 762 PS … Yes, it is the fastest ?? ???

We are especially happy about our new top model. You can now rent the Tesla P100D from us. The Tesla Model S P100D is the fastest production car in the world. With an insane acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 2,7 seconds. An incredible feeling.

What does P100D mean?


The “P” stands for performance, the number 100 for a battery with 100 kilowatt hours and the “D” is an abbreviation for Dual Drive, so four-wheel drive. This model S you can rent with full equipment: autopilot, Smart Air air suspension, Ludicrous speed update, premium upgrade package, high fidelity & cold weather package and of course with the red calipers.

So you can rent the Tesla P100D

The rent is easy. Enter your desired location and your desired date on the left in our booking form. With a little luck, our top model will be free at this time and you will immediately see the price. Enter your details and you’re done. Then just wait and look forward to an incredible experience. In the meantime, look at a few reactions from acceleration:

Insanity’s acceleration

Here is a video of “JP Performance” with a few reactions to the extreme acceleration of the P100D.