ecar-rent is already located in ten cities in Austria and Germany – mostly at airports, railway stations or Tesla service stations.

Thus ecar-rent now ranks among the largest suppliers of pure electric vehicles in the major regions – Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Here you can find more information about our stations. Other stations will follow shortly.



Standort1okecar-rent head office | Airport Graz, AUSTRIA:
Airport Graz Office Building III, 3.OG
8073 Feldkirchen bei Graz, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: info@ecar-rent.com
Tel: +43 316 232085 90

ecar-rent pick up | Airport Graz, AUSTRIA:
Airport Graz
Parking Lot P1
8073 Feldkirchen bei Graz, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: graz@ecar-rent.com


Standort2ecar-rent pick up | Airport Linz, AUSTRIA
Flughafenstraße 1, Mietwagen Parkplatz
4063 Hörsching, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: linz@ecar-rent.com


Standort3ecar-rent pick up | ÖBB Park&Ride Parkplatz Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA
Bahnstraße 57
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: klagenfurt@ecar-rent.com
Alle Infos zum Standort gibt es hier: Tesla mieten Klagenfurt


Standort4ecar-rent pick up | Airport Vienna, AUSTRIA
Flughafen Wien, Parkhaus 4 (Ebene 0), Ladestationen
1300 Schwechat/Wien, AUSTRIA

ecar-rent pick up | Parkgarage Hietzing Vienna, AUSTRIA
Parkgarage Hietzing, Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 10-16, Ebene 0
1130 Wien, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: vienna@ecar-rent.com
Link: parkgarage-hietzing.at


Standort5ecar-rent pick up | Airport Salzburg, AUSTRIA
Flughafen Salzburg, Parkplatz P1
5020 Salzburg Flughafen, AUSTRIA

ecar-rent pick up | Tesla SC Salzburg, AUSTRIA
Hotel Kaiserhof, Salzachtal Bundesstraße 135
5081 Salzburg, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: salzburg@ecar-rent.com


Standort6ecar-rent pick up | Airport München, GERMANY
Flughafen München, Parkdeck 20, Ebene 5, Ladestationen
85356 München, GERMANY

ecar-rent pick up | München S-Bahn Station, GERMANY
S-Bahn Station Vaterstetten, Bahnhofstraße
85591 Vaterstetten, GERMANY
E-Mail: munich@ecar-rent.com
All information about the location can be found here: Tesla rent in Munich


Standort7ecar-rent pick up | Bregenz, AUSTRIA
Seehotel am Kaiserstrand, Am Kaiserstrand 1
6911 Lochau, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: bregenz@ecar-rent.com
All information about the location can be found here: Tesla rent in Bregenz and Friedrichshafen


Standort8ecar-rent pick up | Airport Friedrichshafen, GERMANY (on request)
Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen, Am Flugplatz 64
88046 Friedrichshafen, GERMANY
E-Mail: friedrichshafen@ecar-rent.com
All information about the location can be found here: Tesla rent in Bregenz and Friedrichshafen


Standort9ecar-rent pick up | Traisenpark St. Pölten, AUSTRIA
Dr. Adolf Schärf-Straße 9
3107 St. Pölten, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: st.poelten@ecar-rent.com


Standort10ecar-rent pick up | Stadtwerke Kapfenberg, AUSTRIA
Stadtwerkestraße 6
8605 Kapfenberg, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: kapfenberg@ecar-rent.com


ecar-rent pick up | Airport Innsbruck, AUSTRIA (coming soon)
Fürstenweg 180
6020 Innsbruck, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: innsbruck@ecar-rent.com


icon_12ecar-rent pick up | Stuttgart Hedelfingen, GERMANY
Lummax Gebäudeservice GmbH, Am Mittelkai 25
70327 Stuttgart, GERMANY
Here are a few photos of this location: Tesla rent Suttgart

ecar-rent pick upAirport Stuttgart, GERMANY
Flughafenstraße 32, Parkplatz P5 Elektroladesäule
70629 Stuttgart, GERMANY
E-Mail: stuttgart@ecar-rent.com


ecar-rent pick up | Zagreb, CROATIA
E.V.A. blue D.O.O., Baruna Trenka 8
10000 Zagreb, CROATIA
E-Mail: zagreb@ecar-rent.com
Tel: +385 91 5025 566


ecar-rent pick up | Airport Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY
Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 1, P2, Ebene 14 – 1406
60547 Frankfurt am Main
E-Mail: frankfurt@ecar-rent.com
All information about the location can be found here: Tesla rent Frankfurt

ecar-rent pick up | Birkenau/Weinheim, GERMANY
Weinbergstraße 43
69488 Birkenau, GERMANY


ecar-rent pick up | Airport Nürnberg, GERMANY (on request)
Flughafenstraße 100, Parkhaus 3, Ladestationen
90411 Nürnberg, GERMANY
E-Mail: nuernberg@ecar-rent.com


ecar-rent pick up | Landshut, GERMANY
Äußere Münchener Straße 78A, Schäbel Unfallinstandsetzung
84036 Landshut, GERMANY
E-Mail: landshut@ecar-rent.com
Information about the location: Tesla und Zoe rent in Landshut


Coming soon:

COMING SOON: Tesla rent Zurich