ecar-rent locations 2018

ecar-rent is already located in twelve cities in Austria and Germany – mostly at airports, railway stations or Tesla service center.

ecar-rent is one of the largest suppliers of pure electric vehicles in the major region of  Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Here you can find more information about our rental stations. Other stations will follow shortly.

ecar-rent head office | Airport Graz, AUSTRIA:

Airport Graz Office Building III, 3.OG
8073 Feldkirchen bei Graz, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: info@ecar-rent.com
Tel: +43 316 232085 90

ecar-rent pick up | Airport Graz, AUSTRIA:
Airport Graz
Parking Lot P1
8073 Feldkirchen bei Graz, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: graz@ecar-rent.com

Standort2ecar-rent pick up | Airport Vienna, AUSTRIA

Airport Vienna, Parkhaus 4 (level 0), charging station
1300 Schwechat/Vienna, AUSTRIA

ecar-rent pick up | Parkgarage Hietzing Vienna, AUSTRIA
Parkgarage Hietzing, Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 10-16, level 0
1130 Vienna, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: vienna@ecar-rent.com
Link: parkgarage-hietzing.at

Standort3ecar-rent pick up | Airport Linz, AUSTRIA

Flughafenstraße 1, rental car parking station
4063 Hörsching, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: linz@ecar-rent.com

Standort4ecar-rent pick up | ÖBB Park&Ride Parkplatz Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA

Bahnstraße 57
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: klagenfurt@ecar-rent.com
more about this location: Tesla mieten Klagenfurt

Standort5ecar-rent pick up | Airport Salzburg, AUSTRIA

Airport Salzburg, Parkplatz P1
5020 Salzburg Flughafen, AUSTRIA

ecar-rent pick up | Tesla SC Salzburg, AUSTRIA
Hotel Kaiserhof, Salzachtal Bundesstraße 135
5081 Salzburg, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: salzburg@ecar-rent.com

Standort6ecar-rent pick up | Traisenpark St. Pölten, AUSTRIA</a

Dr. Adolf Schärf-Straße 9
3107 St. Pölten, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: st.poelten@ecar-rent.com

Standort7ecar-rent pick up | Airport Innsbruck, AUSTRIA

Fürstenweg 180
6020 Innsbruck, AUSTRIA
E-Mail: innsbruck@ecar-rent.com

Standort8ecar-rent pick up | Airport München, GERMANY

Munich Airport is managed by our partner AHM. You can find all relevant information here: Rent electric cars at Munich Airport.

ecar-rent pick up | München S-Bahn Station, GERMANY
S- Station Vaterstetten, Bahnhofstraße
85591 Vaterstetten, GERMANY
E-Mail: munich@ecar-rent.com
more about this location: Tesla mieten München

Standort9ecar-rent pick up | Stuttgart Hedelfingen, GERMANY

This station is currently closed.

Standort10ecar-rent pick up | Airport Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY

Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 1, P2, level 14 – 1406
60547 Frankfurt am Main
E-Mail: frankfurt@ecar-rent.com
more about this location: Tesla mieten Frankfurt

ecar-rent pick up | Birkenau/Weinheim, GERMANY
Weinbergstraße 43
69488 Birkenau, GERMANY

ecar-rent pick up | Landshut, GERMANY

This station is currently closed.

icon_12ecar-rent pick up | Airport Friedrichshafen, GERMANY

This station is currently closed.

our partner in Croatia:

ecar-rent pick up | Zagreb, CROATIA

E.V.A. blue D.O.O., Baruna Trenka 8
10000 Zagreb, CROATIA
E-Mail: zagreb@ecar-rent.com
Tel: +385 91 5025 566

in the near future:

COMING SOON: Tesla mieten Zürich

COMING SOON: Tesla mieten Berlin