Frequently Asked Questions


I have already booked my ecar(s) but haven’t received any confirmation for my booking(s). Why?

Usually we will provide you with your booking data within 24 hours. If you book on a weekend and your rental is for the near future it may take until Monday afternoon for you to receive your booking confirmation. Please remember to check your spam mailbox. If you still haven’t received any confirmation, please send us your name and booking data to and we will resolve your issue as soon as possible!

I bought a voucher and didn’t receive a confirmation for my purchase. Why?

Our vouchers are automatically transmitted after your purchase. In the event you haven’t received any confirmation, please email us at and include information about your voucher and we will expedite your request!

Why can’t I book my rental car online? What can I do?

While attempting to reserve an ecar you receive any error messages or your search yields no results, send us an email at

When is my rental fee payment due?

Proof of invoice payment including deposit must be received by our system prior to your pickup. We strongly recommend you wire transfer the payment at latest one week prior to your rental date to ensure a trouble-free pickup of your vehicle.

How much is the deposit for the rental cars?

The deposit for all vehicles is 1000€ per car and booking.

Where are the pickup locations?

You can find all our pickup and dropoff locations along with relevant details on our website.

Booking conditions

Is specific information available about my rental vehicle?

Your reservation is assigned to a vehicle category. Specific details like color, vehicle configuration, equipment and interior can not be guaranteed due to our constant alternating fleet or any unexpected incidents. If you have specific configuration request please notify us prior to your booking and we will try to fulfill your wishes.

When I park my private car are there any special considerations?

Yes, depending on the location you chose we may be able to offer you a reduce priced parking ticket.

For more information about the locations please refer to our website.

How many kilometers/miles are included with my rental?

300 km or 186 miles are included for each 24 hour period (day). If the rental period is one month (30 days), then a 4000 km / 2500 mile allowance will apply. If you exceed the km / mile allowance, it may result in an additional fee of 0,36€ per kilometer.

Which countries am I permitted to drive in during the rental period?

Driving abroad within the EU is allowed without additional fees.

Is it possible to register more than one driver and are there additional fees involved?

The maximum permissible drivers during your rental is four (4) drivers. Every driver must be at least 25 years old and provide a valid driver’s license at the beginning of the rental. There are no additional fees for this service.

Do you provide additional equipment like charging adapters, charging card, etc.?

We do provide charging adapters for our vehicles upon request. Please contact us prior to your pickup, so that we can verify if equipment is available. Charges may occur depending on what equipment you need (CHAdeMO-adapter, 32A charging-cable, camping-adapter). Charging cards are provided on request for a fee.

Do I have to buy an Austrian highway-toll (Vignette)?

No. The Austrian highway-toll (Vignette) is included in every vehicle.

Why has the price for my preferred vehicle changed from the last time I checked?

We continuously monitor our pricing to adjust for changing factors like locations, utilization or holidays. Sometimes that means prices will go up or down from one day to another. Our aim is always to offer our customers the best value.

What is included in the rental-fee?

Typically we include the following things:

  • Free kilometers / miles on Fair-use-basis
  • Liability insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance (full coverage)
  • Taxes
  • Winter tires (for bookings from Sept. 1st until Apr. 15th)

Range and Charging

What is the range of the rental cars and how long does it take to recharge?

The charging time depends on the size of the battery, the power of the charging station / max power of your outlet and on the vehicle which has a dedicated max charging speed. The larger the battery, the longer it takes to charge. Also there may be limits to the charging rate at the charging station and for your vehicle.

For further information related to range, performance, charging speed and duration please check out our information sheet.

How does the charging of the vehicle work?

If you have never driven an electric vehicle before, we will give you an extended instruction on the charging process at the pick up of your vehicle. Usually it works like this: Connect the vehicle to the charging station. Some charging stations like Tesla Supercharger will now start the charging on their own without any further actions. Other charging stations require a manual activation with a charging card or app. Sometimes there is information about how to start and end the charging process explained on the display menu at the charging station or instructions are posted. There are charging stations which require a verification with a charging card before the charging cable can be plugged in. In case of a malfunction please consult the hotline of the charging station provider. Their number is usually displayed on the charging station.
All our vehicles are equipped with a Type 2 charging cable, which is required for AC-charging in Europe. Some charging stations have a Type 2 cable attached.

Where can I find charging stations near the pick up / drop off locations?

Information about charging stations can be found on:

There are also many apps for Android and iOS which show charging stations and may also be used to start and end the charging process.

How do I know when I have to charge?

All vehicles will give you information about the state of charge (SoC) in their dashboard. The SoC is best between 10% and 80-90%. For shorter driving distances we recommend not exceeding 90% charge and leaving the remaining 10% in the battery in case you need the range due to an occupied charging station and you need to get to another one. Additionally the charging rate is relatively slow in the upper and lower 10% SoC. Therefore it doesn’t make sense to charge above 90% since you can recharge the „unused upper 10% SoC“ considerably faster at another charging stop rather than charging from 90% to 100%. It only makes sense to fully charge when you start a long journey.

I would like to drive a long distance trip with an electric vehicle – is this possible and how?

If you wish to do a trip of 400km / 250 miles (and more) this is entirely possible. You will need a fast charging option on your trip. Many electric vehicles (Hyundai Ioniq / Kona and all Tesla vehicles) are capable of charging quickly and can utilize the constantly growing number of fast chargers. Depending on the vehicle and size of the battery, during a trip it usually takes 1-3 charges @ 20-40 minutes. The frequency and length of your charge depends on the chargers you choose (DC fast-charger vs. AC charger). If you are unsure about which vehicle best suits you for your trip please send us an email to

Are charging cards included in my booking?

No they aren’t, but we offer you the opportunity to hand you a charging card for a fee, please ask for availability before pickup. When you rent a Tesla there is no charging card necessary because of the supercharger network.

Are there any fees for me charging the vehicle?

No. With every Tesla charging is free within the supercharger network and other Tesla chargers. For every other EV there is no free charging included. We offer you the opportunity to get a charging card for a fee.

Sometimes the charging stations aren’t as fast as they are supposed to. Why?

The charging speed depends on your vehicle and the charging station. Some stations are limited to one car at a time, while others allow sharing the station which may result in a drop in the charging rate. You need to consider the outside temperature as well. Particularly cold or very hot batteries do not charge very fast. A high state of charge is another reason for limited charging speed.

In the event of an accident

What to do in case of an accident?

Smaller damages like wheel damages, stone chips or scratches to the paintwork will be noted and recorded at the return of the vehicle.

In case of technical problems or tire damage with a Tesla please first contact the Tesla Road Assistance.
The second step is to call us: +43 (0) 316 2320 85 90.

If there is any problem with any other vehicle than Tesla please contact your favorite roadside assistance (e.g. ÖAMTC in Austria or ADAC in Germany) and afterwards inform us as well.

If there are injured persons involved or material damage, please first contact the police and subsequently us, immediately: +43 (0) 316 2320 85 90.

In every vehicle there is an European Accident Statement (EAS). The EAS has to be filled out correctly, signed by both (or more parties) and sent to us. In case of a police report, make sure to send us a copy.
For further information pertaining to damage please refer to item 6 of our assignment terms.

How high is the insurance deductible in the event of a damage?

The insurance deductible depends on the type and severity of the damage. For further information in the event of damage please refer to item 9 of our assignment terms.

The car was stolen, what should I do?

Please contact the local police and inform us: +43 (0) 316 2320 85 90. Be certain to send us a copy of the police report.

I lost the key, what now?

Please inform us immediately: +43 (0) 316 2320 85 90. A spare key will be charged according to the current prices.